Kretzschmar Inspection
  Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

Pre-Closing Checklist


Pre-Closing Checklist for
Home Buyers

Listed below is a sampling of items to check a couple of days before closing escrow.

  • Operate ail plumbing shut-off valves and outside hose bibs.
  • Operate all faucets, toilets, tubs and plumbing fixtures.
  • Check the air conditioner and heater units to make sure they are operating effectively.
  • Operate all thermostats.
  • Operate all doors and windows, making sure they open, close and lock.
  • Make sure all screens are in place.
  • Operate all built-in kitchen appliances.
  • Operate all light switches and make sure they are working.
  • Get all operating manuals and warranties.
  • Obtain keys to all locks.
  • Remember to get the remote garage door opener.